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Moving to New York

February 25th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Earlier tonight I made this announcement public with a mass e-mail…

As many of you know I have been in search of jobs all over the country. I found a fit on Wall Street in New York. Kind of hard to believe this small town southern guy would ever move to a city that has more people than his home state. I took a position as an analyst with a firm at the corner of Wall Street and Broadway. Four years ago I wouldn’t have ever thought I would live outside the south.

I am really excited about the opportunities the new firm offers. (I "ain’t" saying who or what until the press release comes out!) The rest of this week I am going to be packing up and looking for housing in New York. That is where you come in… If you have a friend/family/associate in New York drop them a note and say "Hey! I know a guy that is moving to NY and looking for an apartment. Do you know of any vacancies?"

Stay tuned to my seldomly updated blog for the announcement on my press release.http://www.chris-estes.com


Chris Estes

When I moved to Washington, DC I only planned for a three month stay before I moved home. Well it has been two years and I’m going further north. Even though I am moving further north doesn’t make me miss Alabama any less.  Alabama is my home and always will be. I have been living quite the portable life since leaving, though I can’t move in two suitcases or my Honda anymore, I do plan to come home one day. Look at this way, at least when you come to New York you will have a tour guide and a floor to crash.