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NESA Eagle Scout Search

April 30th, 2008 No comments

Hi all. I am coming live to you live from a hotel outside of Hersey, PA. I eat a whole bunch of Chocalate and learned lots of interesting things about this community. I also learned about the Milton Hersey School, check out there website to see some incredible happenings going on there.

The main point of this post is to let you know about the National Eagle Scout Association putting on a search to seek out Eagle Scouts. Rest assured they are trying to sell you something and you know solicitiations will follow once they find you. It is always good to give back to something that has given you so much. I wouldn’t be the same person today if it wasn’t for the influence of the Boy Scouts of America. Read this page and give Harris Connect, the organizers in-charge of finding all the Eagle Scouts, a call and update your information, at 1-866-753-3506.

NESA Eagle Scout Search is Underway!

The Eagle Scout court of honor is undoubtedly the proudest moment of a young Scout’s life. Years of learning, teaching, and hard work culminate in this special honor that only the most determined Boy Scouts obtain. This is one reason why the National Eagle Scout Association has launched a national Eagle Scout search program.

“We want to find and contact every living Eagle Scout and register his achievements, past and present,” said NESA Director Bill Steele. “This effort will culminate in Roll Call: The National Eagle Scout Registry–a publication that will capture the tradition, history, and honor of our nation’s Eagle Scouts and will be available only to bona fide Eagles.” Steele added that only Eagle Scouts who agree to be listed and who are adults will be included in the directory.

Eagle Scouts for whom the Boy Scouts of America or the National Eagle Scout Association has a current address will soon receive correspondence from Harris Connect, Inc. out of Chesapeake, Virginia. Eagle Scouts receiving correspondence from Harris Connect should respond as requested.

If an Eagle Scout does not receive correspondence from Harris Connect Inc., he can call toll-free, 1-866-753-3506, to submit his information and or to purchase the directory.

The Journey Begins Tomorrow

April 29th, 2008 No comments

I made my announcement and I am making it official my journey begins tomorrow. I have a few things to tie up in New York and then I’m on the road again.

You can see my planned route below.

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The last couple of post I have made have included some relevant Music Video. In a accordance to tradition take us On The Road Again Mr. Willie.

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Momma I’m Coming home

April 26th, 2008 No comments

After much deliberation and being away for almost 8 years – I’m coming home. My journey started with college in 2000. My adventures lead me to hang my hat in Auburn, Pittsburgh, Portland, DC, and finally New York. In between I rested my hat in so many places that this post doesn’t have room for. I have met many people and made lifelong friends. To my dear friends, this decision is not to leave you but to take you with me. Perhaps not in the physical sense but in my heart. I love you and may not be able to say a proper good bye to many of you as I will be making my way back south in the next week or so. For those of you in the south this will bring us closer.

As nothing seems to be permanent with me, consider this a regroup and staging for my next adventure. I don’t know what, when, or where that will be. I made my decision because of a few reasons. 1. Family. My family is in Alabama and I realize that they are the most important people to me. 2. Health. Too many restaurants and late nights has taken a toll on me.

The current plan is to pack up and move back within the next few days. I will seek out work in Birmingham for a while and see were life takes me.

The title of this post reminds me of a little song by Ozzy Osborne.

Commuting is too hard

April 21st, 2008 2 comments

You know commuting is too hard when you need a helicopter. Today I received the greatest marketing e-mail from Delta Airlines.

Hello Mr. Estes,

Faster just became easier.

You can now book US Helicopter rides—which provide an eight-minute trip between John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Manhattan—via, our Reservation phone lines and our other ticketing options.

Book your ‘copter ride today for only $159*, or it’s complimentary if you purchase an eligible BusinessElite® ticket. And as a SkyMiles® member, you can earn 500 miles for each booking. (*Additional taxes/fees/restrictions apply. See below for details.)

Then, hop on one of the many weekday flights between JFK’s Terminal 3 and the Downtown Manhattan Heliport at Wall Street (JRB) or the Midtown East 34th Street Heliport (TSS). When traveling to JFK from Manhattan, pick up your boarding pass and check your bags at the heliport. There’s also TSA screening there, so you can skip the airport lines.

Visit for all your travel needs—near and far. Take advantage of our Best Fare Guarantee and book your next flight (while avoiding up to $25 in booking fees!). You also can reserve hotel rooms or car rentals and sign up for real-time flight information. Then visit our Delta Blog to see “under the wing” and behind the scenes as we share stories on ideas, changes and our people.

Here is a screen shot of the e-mail too

What do you think? Would you do it?