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Latest News on Don Siegelman

September 3rd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

So as political season on the National Stage is heating up often times we forget about others.  I am on a mass mailing list for the Former Governor of Alabama Don Siegelman.  I was out of the state during most of the preceding and not apprised of all the details except what my parents would give me updates on.  When I find something interesting I share it.  So enjoy the e-mail I received from Dana & Joseph Siegelman.

Dear Christopher,

Don Siegelman

Please join us and
call on the full Congress to find Karl Rove in contempt:

Urge your friends & family to email their Members of Congress now!

I was sitting on the floor of a radio studio in Denver, watching Air America host Thom Hartman interview David Sirota, syndicated journalist and author of The Uprising, while they talked about the presidential election and the politics to follow soon after. As David explained, “It is up to the people to hold our leaders’ feet to the fire; we cannot simply assume that they will take care of the issues that matter most to us.” This was my purpose in accompanying Dad to the Democratic National Convention.

It has been a month since Karl Rove refused to honor a lawful subpoena for his testimony by the House Judiciary Committee. He has seemingly slipped under radar while the excitement of the upcoming election takes over public focus. At the convention, Dad spoke about the need to restore justice and preserve our Democracy. He was received warmly; however, it was obvious that our Democratic leadership, in their usually idealistic manner, were already looking ahead to positive change under the Obama administration.

Part of those positives changes MUST BE to right wrongs and hold those accountable that have subverted our country’s system of justice. Having the truth come out in twenty years does nothing to stop partisan prosecution from taking place now. We cannot let the corruption of our justice system go unchallenged.

As hopeful as I am that this new administration will bring necessary changes to our lives as Americans, I am concerned that Dad’s case will be lost in the agenda of those taking office. We cannot win the battle without fighting in it! We have three weeks while the House reconvenes to bring Karl Rove to justice. WE HAVE THREE WEEKS to encourage the House to hold him in contempt and to not let “bygones be bygones” but to actually put a stop this administration’s lies, corruption, and abuse.

Please join me in calling our members of Congress these next few weeks. Encourage them to stand up to Karl Rove and to begin the process of really restoring justice in America. Do not think for a second that this situation is beyond your ability to help. Your voice WILL be heard, your efforts WILL be felt, and your prayers WILL be answered. We can protect our Democracy with YOUR help. As Dad has said, “If we stop protecting our rights, our rights will stop protecting us.”

Call, write, and go to www.ContemptForRove.com to urge your friends to join us and call on Congress today!

Many thanks,
Dana Siegelman

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