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Truckers and Citizens to Hold Convoy On Capital Hill

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I was cruising news on the Volatile Stock Market when I found the latest round of off beat news.

Apparently an organization of Truck Drivers is going to hold a convoy protest in Washington, DC.  Protest or marches on Capital Hill are nothing new and in fact don’t draw that much attention.  But if you have a convoy of big trucks driving from Landover, MD to Capitol Hill during rush hour you are sure to get a few people’s attention.

Though I don’t think they will accomplish their goal it certainly is optimistic.  I like to see that and I support their cause.

Read the Article on Market News

Truckers and Citizens United to Hold Massive Convoy On Capitol Hill; Ask Congress & Pres. Bush to Address Gas Prices

Last update: 2:56 p.m. EDT Sept. 22, 2008

WASHINGTON, Sept 22, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ — Truckers and Citizens United (TACU), a nationwide organization that represents the interests of thousands of professional drivers and trucking employees, is gearing up for a massive convoy around Capitol Hill on Tuesday, September 23rd, to ask Congress and President George W. Bush to back energy legislation that would make gas prices more affordable. For months, the volatile shifts in gas prices have led to higher prices for local business operators, including truckers, and consequently almost every type of consumer good they transport.

The convoy, which could slow traffic in the nation’s capital for hours, will start at FedEx Field in Landover, Maryland, and travel to downtown Washington, DC, where it will parade around the U.S. Capitol by mid-morning. The group wants Congress and the President to pass and sign energy legislation before Congress adjourns that would address the hardships caused by record-high gas prices and curb rampant oil speculation. Hundreds of truckers are expected to participate in the event, with drivers bringing their rigs from New York, West Virginia, Maine, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Arizona, and Texas.

The truckers are calling for legislation to reduce high gas prices that are severely hurting the trucking industry and legislative reforms that will stop excessive oil speculation. Specifically, the truckers are asking Congress to close loopholes that allow speculators to manipulate oil prices without ever planning to take delivery of the oil, as well as lift some of the bans on offshore drilling, and allow smaller refineries to be built around the Gulf region.

Ron Wenger, Co-Director of TACU, thinks Congress has been to slow to act. “Truckers are just struggling to get by these days and the high cost of fuel is killing them. Everyday Americans are doing their part to reduce consumption, but our legislators haven’t done anything on their end to remedy these problems,” Wenger said.

Co-Director Mark Kirsch echoed his thoughts. “We need Congress to pass energy legislation today that can reduce gas prices and end rampant oil speculation. These issues aren’t just impacting truckers; the high prices are hurting consumers, too,” Kirsch said.

Following a brief rally at FedEx Field at 8:00AM, the convoy of trucks will depart for Capitol Hill by 9:00AM. The group will take Maryland Interstate 295 South to the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge and enter Washington, DC, on South Capitol Street (SW). The convoy is expected to arrive at the corners of 3rd Street and Independence Avenue, SW, by 10:30AM. The convoy will circle the National Mall on Independence Avenue and Constitution Avenue between Third and Fourteenth Streets before heading back to FedEx Field in Landover, MD.

Interviews with leaders from TACU will be available as the convoy parades through the nation’s capital, and members of the group will meet with legislators throughout the week to discuss their energy priorities.


Truckers and Citizens United (TACU) is a national organization dedicated to bringing together and empowering professional drivers and trucking employees. We represent the interests of owner-operators and professional drivers on all issues that affect truckers and their families. TACU actively advocates for the safety and success of its members at the state and federal levels.

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