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John McCain and Sarah Palin Haiku Contest

September 28th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

People for the American Way have announced a writing contest for national publication.  The contest is simple and will likely give the writers a large audience on the national stage and international stage.

According to Wikipedia Haiku is a “form of Japanese Poetry” and according to PFAW’s announcement – A haiku is an unrhymed verse/poetry form of Japanese origin having three lines containing usually five, seven and five syllables respectively. Intended to convey a vivid impression poetically in only seventeen syllables, haikus have traditionally focused on nature[…]”

PFAW gave a couple examples of what they are looking for like:

McCain on judges:

“I like all the ones Bush picked.”

We’re in trouble, now.

Driving our nation

Over a bridge to nowhere

Thats McCain-Palin

Contestants have until Midnight of October 12th to make the submission for the writing contest. For submission instructions and contest rules see People for The American Ways – Haiku Contest.

Or you can post your own Haiku in the comments section below and recvive world wide touch before the contest deadline.

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