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John McCain Gives up in Michigan

October 3rd, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

John McCain’s campaign announced yesterday that it was giving up its campaign in Michigan.  Michigan has been touted as a battleground state for republicans for sometime.  MI hasn’t voted to elect a republican presidential candidate since 1988 when it choose George HW Bush.

It seems that McCain camp is cutting its loses and regrouping one more time in its last 30 days before the election.  The McCain Palin election team is going dispurse it’s resources to tougher races in Wyoming, Colorado, and Florida.  Thoose three states are “must win states” for him to have a chance in winning what I begining to see as an unlikely bid for president.  John McCain’s Campaign also announced that they were going to cut all media advertisments, mail campaigns, and voter contact stratgey.

Is this an indication that he will likely be conceeding defeate on November 4th?  Possibly, but I myself never viewed Michigan as a true battleground state.  In a state that is riddled with job layoffs and hard hit by the failing economy.  This was never McCain territory because of thousands of layoffs and exporting of jobs during the now lame duck Bush Administration.  McCain’s close ties with the sitting adminstration will likely be the biggest reason for defeat nationwide as I belive the majority of American’s are looking for change.  Change is a message the McCain camp has ineffectively conveyed.

Conceding defeat in Michigan a month early is an indication that the McCain Palin ticket is in serious trouble and they are waking up.  The election is far from over.  It is still anyone’s ball game.  Barack Obama isn’t getting a free ticket to the White House.  It is getting easier…

Stay tuned for more political commentary as the political races are just now heating up.

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