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Palin: “Obama is a Terrorist”

October 4th, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

When you play defense and you can’t run on issues call someone a “Terroist” like Sarah Palin.

Today Sarah Palin ran out of campaign material when she accused Senator Barack Obama of “Palling Around with Terroist“.  Palin’s speech from a airplane hanger in Denver Colorado was full of political mud slinging in what is sure not to be the last poltical banter going into the last month of presidential election banter.  In what appears to be preparation in a last ditch effort to save the ailing McCain Palin camp is rallying around negative attacks on Barack Obama, read more.

In the world of campaign poltics this is a clear ploy to play on American Fears.  When you are failing in a bid for president you have to through all of your plans out the window and go for your base.  It is clear that McCain campaign has nothing left is appealing to their base.  Sarah Palin was brought into to be vice president to appeal to younger conservative women voters.  When that doesn’t work try a different angel as apparently the Bush/McCain advisors are recommending.  These are the same tactics the Bush re-election team ran with against John Kerry in 2004.  These tactics are old and used up.  America recognizes political rethoric and probably dismisses.  Rhetoric like this will likely persuade many voters and only gets the anti-obama voters energized, a section of the vote the McCain Palin Camp already won.

McCain Palin’s camp is clearly struggling to win the swing vote and trying to associate Terroism with someone that has clearly won the heart and vote of most Americans isn’t going to help.  If they stand a chance to win, what seems to be an unlikely election, they need to craft their message and stratgey around the problems of everyday Americans.

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