December 20th, 2010

Hmm, how do I write about myself in the third person?

I once was asked to write my own bio for a company website and the whole time all I could think was how self-centered it is writing about myself. Some people would love to write their own bio. I hate it. Here goes another attempt…

“Home is where the heart is,” my heart is in the south. I grew up in the suburbs of the “Steel City.” — Birmingham, AL which isn’t known for tourism or rave reviews as a vacation spot. It is known for hospitality, steel, natural resources, and me! Birmingham doesn’t come up on Yahoo Vacations as a top travel destination but is where my heart is.

I received my bachelors in Political Science from Auburn University which lead me to Washington, DC as an Intern. After the big move into the city, with only two suitcases and one suit, I bounced a couple jobs and somehow got a job in New York which only lasted a few months.

After a couple years bouncing up and down the East Coast and having a corporate burnout I moved home to Birmingham and rejoined the construction workforce.  Some people aren’t meant for corporate culture and big city living and some people don’t have to learn everything the hard way.  I am back doing a job that is both rewarding and satisfying as a Union Steelworker.

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