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Buy American Buy Alabama

December 11th, 2008 No comments

Made in AmericaBirmingham SEO an Alabama Based Search Engine Company and ask me to put this on my blog.  So certainly I am happy to oblige as I feel this is an atrocity. Below is copied and pasted from a blog post at BHM SEO announcing their support of Buy Alabama.

On Wednesday night Birmingham News Source CBS 42 the 10:00 broadcast announced that a boycott of Alabama had been started. The boycott is calling to boycott Alabama made goods and not patron Alabama’s tourism. The website was basing this off the fact that Senator Richard Shelby has made comments that aren’t pro bailout. While we are unsure at this time of these statements we do know that this is an attack on the good hard working people of Alabama.

In response to this atrocious action from a group in Michigan we have launched a response ourselves that is currently in development to help promote the business of Alabama. We started the site Buy Alabama. This site will be used to develop a place where Alabama Business can feature their products. We also plan to in the future open up a store showcasing some of the products to be bought and sold direct from the site. The store is just an idea and no plans are being made. Birmingham SEO will be providing the Search Engine Marketing and Optimization plan for the website for free as a duty to promoting our state.

We also believe as a duty that we help promote the whole of the US and buy American Made. You can find out more on American Made products from Made In The USA. We do not wish to boycott any state and only encourage buying American but Buying Alabama is Buying American.

I am not going to give a link to the group that is calling for the boycott but lets just say it is one crazy nut that doesn’t like Senator Shelby.  Though I know Joe Babisiaz is trying to earn support for bailing out the Big Three.  Which as you know I am fan of.

Message to Joe:

Calling for a ban on Alabama is down right un-American and wrong.  You state on your website “this is not an attack on the hard working people of Alabama”. Then what do you call it an attack on our Senator? The Senator is a hard working Alabamian and the same as attacking the car maker in Alabama. That’s right you may envy we are making good cars in Alabama that aren’t going through Financial Trouble.  But here in Alabama we buy American Made cars. We even buy Detroit made cars.  I can proudly say that most people I know in Alabama want to see the jobs of millions of American’s secure.  We all want secure jobs.  So don’t boycott Alabama buy American and build something Americans can be proud of.

I know you are just a front line worker that is afraid you may loose your job.  Senator Shelby doesn’t want you to loose your job.  He wants to ensure things are in order and bad business mistakes are not rewarded.  The cars you make are of top quality in your job.  But the problem is the decision makers – the management.  If it were up to you – you would build the best and only car on the road I get that.  But build something every kid wants, every grandmother is safe driving in and, something that gets good fuel economy and lowers emissions. Something where the bumper doesn’t fall off.  That is all Senator Shelby is saying.  He isn’t trying to punish you he is trying to right the company.

Senator Shelby is trying to protect Alabama.  He doesn’t want the citizens of Alabama to have to pay for the mistakes of a few greedy managment level automakers.  If true measures are in place that will benefit the overall life of Alabama voters Senator Shelby will support it.  But if measures in place are not there to safeguard us he will not.

There is no reason to call for a boycott of Alabama.  I kindly ask that you end the boycott and your fellow Americans for help in supporting your effort instead of dividing the country.  Because like you said we are all American’s and plenty of Alabamians support the Bailout with oversight.  Without oversight it is just like giving a college kid money  experiments or lab time or Beer and food?  So if there is some oversight we might be able to get something from it.  Like a stable auto market full of good paying jobs.

What I am telling you is your strategy is wrong.  You should be trying to unite everyone to get behind you instead of isolating and picking fights.  We are your brothers and sisters.  Embrace us and we can help.

Friendships or Contacts? – Social Media

February 6th, 2008 7 comments

Blogging and social media sites are at the center of most topics in the internet marketing world. Not a day goes by that a hot new article at Sphinn (Internet Marketing News & Forums Discussion) doesn’t relate to social media. With an unlimited amount of social media options, inevitably you will make friends. The question that perplexes me most about these social media friends are they just contacts? or are they really friends?

Over the past few months of being an active contributing blogger I have made hundreds of contacts. Are any of them really my friends? A definition of a friend can loosely be defined by anyone. In my opinion a friends is someone you can count on in a bind? Trusting people is one of the hardest things for anyone to do and especially for me.

I have thought about the psychology and risk of it all… People hiding behind an avatar. People covering up their personality flaws. Someone being out right dishonest. People lying and being malicious.

Being new to the contributing blog world I have yet to be mislead. But a part of me wants to fall back on what my momma always said: “Don’t Talk to Strangers”. When people “friend me” I am always hesitant. If I don’t add you don’t be alarmed, I am just doing what my momma told me.

I am perplexed by my new found “friends” and if they are really more than just contacts or avatars on the internet.

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Great find of the day!

January 16th, 2008 No comments

The writers strike is starting to get to me. I never thought I would realize the total impact a writers strike would have on me. I love to watch TV but never really got into the primetime TV shows but not having them has forced me to watch more rerun tv than I care. There is one upside for me and that is it allows me more time to focus on surffing the internet finding random things like these pictures of cows. Now for you people that think I am just missing home because of the smell or some weird attachment to cattle are just wrong. The thing that makes me miss home is the green grass and what looks to be a forest in the background.

Living in the city has its perks but open space is great too. I found this picture by poking around a blog post about people being addicted to social media. Which you might find interesting too.  I am working up a post for my other blog about the same subject.  The content of my opinion is pretty simple it is finding relevant supporting information.  So stay keyed in on it and I gurantee some thought provoking info on people being addicted to the internet and their online personalty.

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