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Home at Last

May 2nd, 2008 2 comments

I am home at last. After a three days and a some what leisurely drive I made it 1,000 miles. I made several stops and was in no big hurry.

When I initially set out I was going to drive all 16 hours! I quickly learned that was a good plan. I made it as far as Hershey, PA were I spent the better part of Wednesday touring the Hershey sites. Sometime during the afternoon I set out to complete the rest of the trip. I made it as far as Roanoke, VA before I could go no further! I wasn’t going to let a 16 hour drive drag out for a fourth day. So, I made the bulk and rest of the trip today.

I learned several things on this trip. I realized I probably wouldn’t make a good over-the-road truck driver and I don’t know how my parents ever took us on road trips. I remember as a kid driving from Alabama to the Grand Canyon. That must have been torture.

I made it home safe and in one piece. The roads are safer and the local economies between Jersey City, NJ and Birmingham, AL should be stimulated. I think I stopped and bought candy and burger king in every city in-between. So as I made a tradition with my previous post I leave you with a little coming home music.

Go Ahead Turn it up now!