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Wickers Review: Made in America Clothing

August 19th, 2009 No comments

This post has long been overdue.  This is part of my Made in the USA series.

As you may know that I have joined back up in the construction trades.  I am a union electrician and spend lots of time out in the sun and in holes full of filth.   So comfort, durability, and moisture transport is a must.  When you are climbing around machines in the basement of a power plant you want to make it as comfortable as possible.  And your base layer is what makes you the most comfortable.  For my base layer I like WICKERS.COM

Premium performance underwear -

This may be a bit personal…  I wear their boxer briefs.  They are comfortable offer a nice elastic waist band and keep me dry and smell free!  I have been wearing them exclusively for the past few months in all types of conditions and can say they get my nod for best boxer brief.  They are more comfortable and stand up to the abuse of hard work.  The bad thing about them is they are a bit pricey.  If you shop in their store on Wednesday they will have promotional products up to 40% off. CLICK HERE for great American base layer undergarments.

Kidnapped Boy’s Teeth Pulled With Pliers

August 9th, 2009 No comments

Today I read a story about a little boy (Khidir – now only 8 years old), in Fullajah, Iraq that was tortured by Al Qaeda on a farm.  The boy was taken from his family for two years where he was beaten with a shovel, had both arms broken, a nail driven into his leg, and beaten for fun.  He was treated like slave being forced to pick carrots in the fields.  When I read stories of such inhumanity it makes my blood boil.  The boy’s only fault was being the son of a true patriot – an Iraqi Policeman.

Stories like these do nothing but advance the terrorist agenda…  But acts of inhumanity shouldn’t go untold or unpunished.

Terrorists kidnap, torture boy to bully Iraqi policeman

FALLUJA, Iraq (CNN) — Like many young boys, Khidir loves playing with toy cars and wants to be a policeman like his father when he grows up. But it was his father’s very job that caused the tiny child to suffer the unimaginable.

Khidir, now 8, was kidnapped and held hostage for two years by operatives with al Qaeda in Iraq.
Khidir was just 6 years old when he was savagely ripped away from his family, kidnapped by al Qaeda operatives in Iraq.

“They beat me with a shovel, they pulled my teeth out with pliers, they would go like this and pull it,” said Khidir, now 8, demonstrating with his hands. “And they would make me work on the farm gathering carrots.”

What followed was even more horrific, an ordeal that would last for two years in captivity. Khidir and his father spoke to CNN recently, more than half a year after his rescue by Iraqi police.

“This is where they hammered a nail into my leg and then they pulled it out,” he says, lifting up his pant leg to show a tiny wound.

He says his captors also pulled out each of his tiny fingernails, broke both his arms, and beat him repeatedly on the side of the head with a shovel. He still suffers chronic headaches. He remembers them laughing as they inflicted the pain.

“I would think about my mommy and daddy,” he replies, when asked how he managed to get through the agony. […] Read the full story