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Caroline Kennedy to Take Clinton’s Seat

December 5th, 2008 1 comment

Just when you thought an era of Kennedy’s and Clinton’s was coming to an end it is being Reported that Caroline Kennedy is to take Senator Hiliary Clinton’s New York Senate seat.

NY Governor David Paterson has the task of appointing Clinton’s replacement.  If you remember Gov. Paterson replaced the embattled Elliot Spitzer after the prostitution scandal.

Read about Speculation about Caroline Kennedy’s appointment to the US Senate.  It isn’t so far fetched as ABC, the Boston Channel, and CNN are all buzzing about the News.

Larry Langford Arrested by FBI

December 1st, 2008 2 comments

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford was arrested this morning on over 101 counts of Bribery, Fraud, Conspiracy, Filing False Tax Returns, in the 101 count indictment of Larry P Langford and Friends.

Langford’s indictment comes as no surprise with the waning hours of the US District Attorney’s office likely to undergo change in January.  The Indictment also includes Langford’s Friends William Blount and Al LaPierre.

Birmingham’s NBC 13 Broke the news story a few hours ago:

Breaking News: Langford, LaPierre, Blount face 101-count federal indictment

Breaking News: Langford, LaPierre, Blount face 101-count federal indictmentAndrea Lindenberg and Rod Carter
Published: December 1, 2008

Birmingham Mayor Larry Langford was arrested Monday and the 101-count indictment against him has been unsealed.

This morning, U.S. Attorney Alice Martin announced that Langford, along with friend Al LaPierre and businessman Bill Blount, face charges of conspiracy, bribery, fraud, money laundering and filing false tax returns.

Langford was taken into custody at his job at Birmingham Budweiser Distributing. LaPierre turned himself in. Blount was expected to do the same.

Martin said Langford, as president of the Jefferson County Commission, steered $7.1 million in business to Bill Blount’s investment banking firm Blount Parrish. Martin said that in exchange, Blount ensured Langford’s “crushing debt” to the tune of $235,000.

During the news conference Martin said Langford received bribes from Blount—through friend Al LaPierre—to buy clothes and jewelry from expensive New York boutiques and high-end stores in Birmingham as well.

Martin said that between 2003 and 2006, Blount paid for about $235,000 in clothing, jewelry and charge account bills for Langford.

The U.S. Attorney also said that Blount gave Langford a $11,000 Rolex watch.

Another accusation is that Bill Blount engineered a personal loan from Colonial Bank for Langford, who defaulted on the loan. Then, Martin said, Blount set up a loan for LaPierre at the same same bank to pay off Langford’s original loan.

Martin said it was all in return for steering Jefferson County bond business to Blount’s Montgomery firm, including the multi-billion dollar sewer bond business.

She said, “He (Langford) sold his public office to a friend.”

Reginald McDanial with the Internal Revenue Service said, it was a “textbook, tax fraud scheme.” He went on to say, “all money is taxable, even money from illegal activity is taxable.”

On Monday morning, Deborah Vance with the mayor’s office released a statement which said in part:

“This is certainly no surprise to us—we anticipated something happening soon especially knowing Alice Martin’s days in office are numbered with the swearing in of a new president in late January—just a little over a month from now.”

Langford was set to make a first appearance Monday morning at 10 a.m.

1 More Day

November 3rd, 2008 No comments

Tomorrow is the BIG day. ELECTION DAY For almost two years the airwaves have been crammed with banter, chatter, propaganda, and attack ads.  It will all  be over tomorrow night.  But in order for it to end and all of that time you spent watching and reading about the elections to be worth while you have to GO VOTE.

If you want to talk about politics or anything that is effecting your life in my book you have to vote.  It doesn’t matter so much who you vote for as long as you VOTE.  Every person in America has the right to vote don’t forget that as you enter the poll.  If you get to the poll and they can not find your name then request a provisional ballot.

I voted early or absentee as I will be out of state on election day.  To show you who I voted for in the Presidential election I voted like this:

Voted for Obama Biden

Notice I did not vote straight party ticket and I did vote in Favor of Alabama’s Rainy Day fund.  I would like to remind everyone in Alabama that tapping into the Alabama Education Fund Rainy Day program will save the Schools.  Many school districts fear that if they do not get funds soon that teachers payroll will be effected.  It is already hard to retain qualified teachers with extremely low salaries but if their checks bounce they will have to seek employment else where.  So Vote Yes on Proposition 1 on the Alabama Ballot to save the Schools.



Have a Political Yard Sign?

October 29th, 2008 No comments

Do you have a Political Yard Sign in your lawn?  Many cities and communities have strict rules about them.  But what about when someone steals or mangles your right to free speech?

This Austin Texas voter took things into her own hands:

[sniplet Lawn-Sign]

I wonder if she used environmentally safe spray paint?

The article “Woman paints lawn after sign is stolen“:

Woman paints lawn after sign is stolen

No Obama sign? One woman spraypainted her lawn

AUSTIN (KXAN) – After the Barack Obama sign was stolen from her front yard, Shannon Bennett painted a more permanent one with 12 cans of spray-paint and her front lawn as the canvas. “I just wanted to be able to say who I support, without being censored, which is how I felt when my sign was taken,” said Bennett.

She painted a large, red, white, and blue symbol in the front yard, using her old Obama sign as an inspiration. “The signs cost money and it’s coming into my front yard and taking away my freedom of expression,” said Bennett. She said she has not received any complaints from neighbors and the makeshift sign has been in the yard for a week. In an election year, sometimes driveways and sidewalks become battle lines, but not in Bennett’s Northwest Austin neighborhood.

“I looked out and I was surprised to see it one morning,” said neighbor Elaine Goessling. “And I am a Republican, but I was really impressed with how pretty is it.”

Bennett said the Obama signs have been stolen from the yards of her neighbors, as well. “They might think it’s extreme, but I think it’s extreme to come into my yard and take something that belongs to me, so I wanted to express myself.”

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