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Cuil Returns Chris Estes

November 20th, 2008 No comments

Finally Cuil (pronounced “Cool”) returns proper results for Chris Estes.  A few months back a Cuil, new search engine, launched that was much anticipated to rival Google.  It hasn’t necessarily lived up to the hype – But finally I happy to report that we are appearing on the front page for the keyword Chris Estes.

Cuil Search Results

I am not certain where Cuil got that picture but it is certainly not me.  Maybe one day they will have a webmaster toolkit similar to other search engines that allow to select the image that is displayed next to results.

Change Notice

September 3rd, 2008 No comments

Over the next few days you will notice some changes to the look and feel of  In addition to design changes we will be adding some functionality that we haven’t utilized.  Some of the technical changes we are going to make will be changing our feed burner address to a Google feed burner address.  The new design will take care of the bare space around the blog by adding more advertisements.  Yes the advertisers might not be everybody’s favorite thing to see on a page to clutter it up.  Since times are hard I can’t bring you the great and cutting edge stories with out increasing the advertising on my blog. So my entrepreneurship and marketing training is kicking in to utilize the space.

The advertisements are going to be based on content relevant ads that bring in revenue per click and others one I select.  The ones I select will be target to things I think you are interested in.  In order for me to receive revenue it will require you to make a purchase so of course I am only going to put up advertisements you would be interested in.  The banner and content ads are the only type of advertising I plan to us.

There is the thought of sponsored post.  But that would discount the type of post I plan to make.  Speaking of post.  I plan to talk more about politics and a little less this and that.  So for the next few months my theme is going to be Chris Estes on Politics.  I might sneak in a random post or two about just random interesting things.  So get ready and prepare as I plan to bring you coverage of the the National and local races that affect everyone but more specifically the things in my area that matter.  I am going to try and bring fair and balanced information.

Bloggers postings and musings are becoming more and more powerful and I would like for my voice to be heard and addressed.  I have to yet decided on a candidate for president.  Even though I am trending towards one based on the conventions. Within the next few days you are going to witness a change in direction of my blogs change.  As the major changes are in place I will make announcements on how you can utilize the change for you.

My feed url will be changing from a Feedburner URL to a Google Feedburner URL that will need to be updated in your feed aggregator.

Stay Stuned for future updates.

Make your Pet a Star?

August 6th, 2008 No comments

So today I was cruising through looking at some internet advertising information and found one of the most interesting things I have seen yet.

I found a website that is dedicated to pet webpages. You can Join FREE – Make Friends, Watch Videos and more! I thought I had seen all the internet had to offer. But, A Social Network for Your Pet?

They are even using the YouTube surfing and skateboarding dog.

Have you ever seen this before? There is apparently big business in MySpace for Dogs and Facebook for Cats. I wonder if they are going to have LinkedIn for Snakes?

What do you think?