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John McCain Gives up in Michigan

October 3rd, 2008 No comments

John McCain’s campaign announced yesterday that it was giving up its campaign in Michigan.  Michigan has been touted as a battleground state for republicans for sometime.  MI hasn’t voted to elect a republican presidential candidate since 1988 when it choose George HW Bush.

It seems that McCain camp is cutting its loses and regrouping one more time in its last 30 days before the election.  The McCain Palin election team is going dispurse it’s resources to tougher races in Wyoming, Colorado, and Florida.  Thoose three states are “must win states” for him to have a chance in winning what I begining to see as an unlikely bid for president.  John McCain’s Campaign also announced that they were going to cut all media advertisments, mail campaigns, and voter contact stratgey.

Is this an indication that he will likely be conceeding defeate on November 4th?  Possibly, but I myself never viewed Michigan as a true battleground state.  In a state that is riddled with job layoffs and hard hit by the failing economy.  This was never McCain territory because of thousands of layoffs and exporting of jobs during the now lame duck Bush Administration.  McCain’s close ties with the sitting adminstration will likely be the biggest reason for defeat nationwide as I belive the majority of American’s are looking for change.  Change is a message the McCain camp has ineffectively conveyed.

Conceding defeat in Michigan a month early is an indication that the McCain Palin ticket is in serious trouble and they are waking up.  The election is far from over.  It is still anyone’s ball game.  Barack Obama isn’t getting a free ticket to the White House.  It is getting easier…

Stay tuned for more political commentary as the political races are just now heating up.

Drilling for Oil in Georgia vs. Maine

September 20th, 2008 2 comments

So have you caught wind of Congress rolling back the ban on off-shore drilling?  Probably not with the current state of the Economy.  Well on Tuesday the House passed legislation, 236-189, to ease the ban on off-shore drilling.  I would like to point out that the legislative branch of government in the US is dominated by the Democratic Party.  To find out more about the legislative action read the NY Times Article. Write your Congressman and your Senators tell them what you think.

The main point of this is to talk about the atrocity in progress.

I happen to live in Alabama one of those Gulf States that already has off-shore drilling wells.  In fact as a kid, growing up in Central, Alabama, I remember playing baseball next to natural gas pumps.  So drilling and natural resource exploitation is nothing new to me.  In fact the oil and gas industry indirectly put the roof over my head and food in my belly.  Many of my friends, family, and neighbors do not agree with me and think I should be burned at the stake.  They don’t agree with me for the same reason why America’s wealthiest still think the economy isn’t in a state of turmoil.  It isn’t in their best interest!

Tonight on ABC News Nightline. The headline story was talking about Drilling for oil in the Gulf of Maine.  In short, and what I got out of the story, drilling shouldn’t apply to Maine and the cost of heating oil is going through the roof.

Look I get it, people are hurting for money, me too. I worked on Wall Street and not many days past the mortgage fall out.  But, is drilling really the answer?  I can tell you, NO it isn’t.  It’s only temporarily fixes the problem for somebody else to fix.  Exactly what the people before US said.  As a youngster that will be paying for the mistakes of the Ronald Reagan and Cold War Era… Lets Fix the problem! Don’t put a Band-Aid on it.

But again this isn’t my purpose of this post.

My purpose is to address the drilling location issue.  Why should we drill in the Southern Coast?  Because people in Maine Fish?  Lobster?  Why should we drill of the coast of Georgia?  (I really dont have anything).

I try to be objective about the issue.  But, it is hard to be when someone is trying to put an oil rig in your back yard.  When I see pictures of Maine I “aww” at the beauty.  When I hear the name Georgia I think sweet tea, hospitality, and golf.  My images of the south are just as beautiful as anything Maine has to offer!  Have you ever seen the fall leaves in the Southern Appalachians?  The sunset from Key West, FL?  Have you ever had Shrimp?

When the logging industry finally gets to clear cut the last few acres of natural forest to build the houses to pay for the people moving from Maine to the South for work… “There goes the fall leaves”.  What will thousands of tourist come to enjoy a romantic sunset on their honeymoon on the piers of Key West think when they find out that the green poof is from the Oil Refinery in Louisiana. Or, how about finishing off the demise of the shrimping industry with toxic waste from oil rigs raising our dependency on Vietnamese seafood?

My interpretation may be a bit extreme…  My point isn’t.  In fact it is simple. Who wants an oil rig in their back yard?

The people of the south don’t really want the rigs any more than anyone else. The fact is we need them because you tell us we do and American Survival rest upon our shoulders.  People from the fishing grounds of Maine to California beaches people are counting on our sacrafice.

Change Notice

September 3rd, 2008 No comments

Over the next few days you will notice some changes to the look and feel of  In addition to design changes we will be adding some functionality that we haven’t utilized.  Some of the technical changes we are going to make will be changing our feed burner address to a Google feed burner address.  The new design will take care of the bare space around the blog by adding more advertisements.  Yes the advertisers might not be everybody’s favorite thing to see on a page to clutter it up.  Since times are hard I can’t bring you the great and cutting edge stories with out increasing the advertising on my blog. So my entrepreneurship and marketing training is kicking in to utilize the space.

The advertisements are going to be based on content relevant ads that bring in revenue per click and others one I select.  The ones I select will be target to things I think you are interested in.  In order for me to receive revenue it will require you to make a purchase so of course I am only going to put up advertisements you would be interested in.  The banner and content ads are the only type of advertising I plan to us.

There is the thought of sponsored post.  But that would discount the type of post I plan to make.  Speaking of post.  I plan to talk more about politics and a little less this and that.  So for the next few months my theme is going to be Chris Estes on Politics.  I might sneak in a random post or two about just random interesting things.  So get ready and prepare as I plan to bring you coverage of the the National and local races that affect everyone but more specifically the things in my area that matter.  I am going to try and bring fair and balanced information.

Bloggers postings and musings are becoming more and more powerful and I would like for my voice to be heard and addressed.  I have to yet decided on a candidate for president.  Even though I am trending towards one based on the conventions. Within the next few days you are going to witness a change in direction of my blogs change.  As the major changes are in place I will make announcements on how you can utilize the change for you.

My feed url will be changing from a Feedburner URL to a Google Feedburner URL that will need to be updated in your feed aggregator.

Stay Stuned for future updates.

Latest News on Don Siegelman

September 3rd, 2008 No comments

So as political season on the National Stage is heating up often times we forget about others.  I am on a mass mailing list for the Former Governor of Alabama Don Siegelman.  I was out of the state during most of the preceding and not apprised of all the details except what my parents would give me updates on.  When I find something interesting I share it.  So enjoy the e-mail I received from Dana & Joseph Siegelman.

Dear Christopher,

Don Siegelman

Please join us and
call on the full Congress to find Karl Rove in contempt:

Urge your friends & family to email their Members of Congress now!

I was sitting on the floor of a radio studio in Denver, watching Air America host Thom Hartman interview David Sirota, syndicated journalist and author of The Uprising, while they talked about the presidential election and the politics to follow soon after. As David explained, “It is up to the people to hold our leaders’ feet to the fire; we cannot simply assume that they will take care of the issues that matter most to us.” This was my purpose in accompanying Dad to the Democratic National Convention.

It has been a month since Karl Rove refused to honor a lawful subpoena for his testimony by the House Judiciary Committee. He has seemingly slipped under radar while the excitement of the upcoming election takes over public focus. At the convention, Dad spoke about the need to restore justice and preserve our Democracy. He was received warmly; however, it was obvious that our Democratic leadership, in their usually idealistic manner, were already looking ahead to positive change under the Obama administration.

Part of those positives changes MUST BE to right wrongs and hold those accountable that have subverted our country’s system of justice. Having the truth come out in twenty years does nothing to stop partisan prosecution from taking place now. We cannot let the corruption of our justice system go unchallenged.

As hopeful as I am that this new administration will bring necessary changes to our lives as Americans, I am concerned that Dad’s case will be lost in the agenda of those taking office. We cannot win the battle without fighting in it! We have three weeks while the House reconvenes to bring Karl Rove to justice. WE HAVE THREE WEEKS to encourage the House to hold him in contempt and to not let “bygones be bygones” but to actually put a stop this administration’s lies, corruption, and abuse.

Please join me in calling our members of Congress these next few weeks. Encourage them to stand up to Karl Rove and to begin the process of really restoring justice in America. Do not think for a second that this situation is beyond your ability to help. Your voice WILL be heard, your efforts WILL be felt, and your prayers WILL be answered. We can protect our Democracy with YOUR help. As Dad has said, “If we stop protecting our rights, our rights will stop protecting us.”

Call, write, and go to to urge your friends to join us and call on Congress today!

Many thanks,
Dana Siegelman