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Horrid Campaign Video

October 8th, 2008 No comments

Have you seen the horrid images of Sarah Palin’s work?  Gov Palin allows this type of thing to go on under her administration?

How can some promote or allow these types of atrocities to go on.  This video leaves me speechless.  You can see for yourself.

[sniplet wolves-video-palin]

What do you think?  Do you support the hunting of wolves in Alaska by airplane and helicopter?

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Commuting is too hard

April 21st, 2008 2 comments

You know commuting is too hard when you need a helicopter. Today I received the greatest marketing e-mail from Delta Airlines.

Hello Mr. Estes,

Faster just became easier.

You can now book US Helicopter rides—which provide an eight-minute trip between John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Manhattan—via, our Reservation phone lines and our other ticketing options.

Book your ‘copter ride today for only $159*, or it’s complimentary if you purchase an eligible BusinessElite® ticket. And as a SkyMiles® member, you can earn 500 miles for each booking. (*Additional taxes/fees/restrictions apply. See below for details.)

Then, hop on one of the many weekday flights between JFK’s Terminal 3 and the Downtown Manhattan Heliport at Wall Street (JRB) or the Midtown East 34th Street Heliport (TSS). When traveling to JFK from Manhattan, pick up your boarding pass and check your bags at the heliport. There’s also TSA screening there, so you can skip the airport lines.

Visit for all your travel needs—near and far. Take advantage of our Best Fare Guarantee and book your next flight (while avoiding up to $25 in booking fees!). You also can reserve hotel rooms or car rentals and sign up for real-time flight information. Then visit our Delta Blog to see “under the wing” and behind the scenes as we share stories on ideas, changes and our people.

Here is a screen shot of the e-mail too

What do you think? Would you do it?