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All American Made Clothing

December 1st, 2009 3 comments

A few months back I began my quest to only buy American made goods with a review series.  Lets just say that it has virtually been impossible.  Though I have found an interesting site I buy all of my work clothes through:  All American Clothing

USA Made Clothing by All American Clothing

All American Clothing is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality clothing for the discriminating worker and casual wearer, ME. Up until recently they carried my preferred brand of work pants the Carhartt work dungarees.  You can still purchase them of the discount rack for 50% off.  Which is where I found UnionLine carpenter jeans which I will be using to replace my Carhartt jeans as they will eventually wear out.  Carhartt has decided to discontinue their Made in USA line for their imported lines.  Though they are not closing the North American Plants they are taking away the ability from the distributors to only order Made in USA Carhartt.  In turn they will be alienating retailers like All American Clothing and in turn taking my business else wear.

If you ask me send a message to Carhartt by not buying from them until they bring back the Made in USA line.

ATTENTION Coupon Shoppers:

For all union Brothers and Sisters you a 10% discount during checkout by using coupon code UNIONPLUS.

Wickers Review: Made in America Clothing

August 19th, 2009 No comments

This post has long been overdue.  This is part of my Made in the USA series.

As you may know that I have joined back up in the construction trades.  I am a union electrician and spend lots of time out in the sun and in holes full of filth.   So comfort, durability, and moisture transport is a must.  When you are climbing around machines in the basement of a power plant you want to make it as comfortable as possible.  And your base layer is what makes you the most comfortable.  For my base layer I like WICKERS.COM

Premium performance underwear -

This may be a bit personal…  I wear their boxer briefs.  They are comfortable offer a nice elastic waist band and keep me dry and smell free!  I have been wearing them exclusively for the past few months in all types of conditions and can say they get my nod for best boxer brief.  They are more comfortable and stand up to the abuse of hard work.  The bad thing about them is they are a bit pricey.  If you shop in their store on Wednesday they will have promotional products up to 40% off. CLICK HERE for great American base layer undergarments.