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Momma I’m Coming home

April 26th, 2008 No comments

After much deliberation and being away for almost 8 years – I’m coming home. My journey started with college in 2000. My adventures lead me to hang my hat in Auburn, Pittsburgh, Portland, DC, and finally New York. In between I rested my hat in so many places that this post doesn’t have room for. I have met many people and made lifelong friends. To my dear friends, this decision is not to leave you but to take you with me. Perhaps not in the physical sense but in my heart. I love you and may not be able to say a proper good bye to many of you as I will be making my way back south in the next week or so. For those of you in the south this will bring us closer.

As nothing seems to be permanent with me, consider this a regroup and staging for my next adventure. I don’t know what, when, or where that will be. I made my decision because of a few reasons. 1. Family. My family is in Alabama and I realize that they are the most important people to me. 2. Health. Too many restaurants and late nights has taken a toll on me.

The current plan is to pack up and move back within the next few days. I will seek out work in Birmingham for a while and see were life takes me.

The title of this post reminds me of a little song by Ozzy Osborne.


December 20th, 2007 No comments

Welcome to my new website. I have moved from a traditional html style page to a content management system.

  1. It is easier to manage, not that I spend a lot of time on it.
  2. It is a great stable platform.
  3. I don’t have to code every new page.
  4. It is free!!!

So what is it? I choose WordPress. Why word press? I tried several different systems – Joomla, Mambo, and a couple other open source applications. After playing around and having troubling getting a clean install onto my shared hosting service I decided that the most stable system for me was WordPress.

Why a blog content managment system? Because these days I do a lot of blog reading and I don’t really have that many photos to share so why not start my own personal blog. Most of the blogs I read have are for profit by using some type of pay banner ad system or Google Paid Results. Though I think these ideas are great I think it takes away from the overall beauty of my new website. Right now it is clean, bright, and shinny. Why would I want to mess that up? So bask in the glow that is on your screen free of flashing banner ads and sponsored results. One day people may be willing to pay me for ads but until that day enjoy my website without ads.

As far as content or usability goes if you see something that needs to be added or subtracted let me know. Use the contact link at either the right or the top to shoot me a message.