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Absentee Voting

October 23rd, 2008 No comments / learn how to vote absentee!I received an e-mail from People For The American Way reminding me to vote early and thought I would share with you.

Dear Christopher,

Every vote matters … so don’t take any chances with yours!

VOTE EARLY! Find about early voting options where you live at — a tool offered by our friends at CREDO Mobile and the New Organizing Institute.

If your state does not have early voting, is still an excellent place to find out other voting information like your local elections office contact info, polling hours, polling locations and what voters are required to have when they show up to the polls.

If you do live in a state that allows early in-person voting, or in-person or no-excuse absentee voting, there are so many reasons to take advantage of the opportunity. Here are just a few:

  • Long lines and the “last minute” factor on Election Day — give yourself some time… go vote when it’s more convenient for you.
  • Winter’s rolling in — the weather is getting colder and in some states, snow or cold, heavy rain on Election Day could be a possibility, so just in case, make things easy on yourself.
  • If someone gives you a problem about your registration or eligibility, you have time to correct it — voting early will allow you extra time to come back with more identification, have your records confirmed with the state board of election, etc… a far better alternative than the possibility of having to accept a provisional ballot on Election Day.
  • FREE YOURSELF UP TO VOLUNTEER ON ELECTION DAY!!! — because the causes and candidates you’re supporting need your help in the home stretch.

Convinced yet? Find out if you can vote early and how at right now.

Every vote counted. Every voice heard. That’s the American Way.

People For the American Way Foundation

P.S. Research shows that peer-to-peer contact is tremendously successful in turning out voters. Another tool offered by CREDO Mobile is Txt Out The Vote. Sign up now to send your friends and family reminders to vote on Election Day.

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John McCain and Sarah Palin Haiku Contest

September 28th, 2008 No comments

People for the American Way have announced a writing contest for national publication.  The contest is simple and will likely give the writers a large audience on the national stage and international stage.

According to Wikipedia Haiku is a “form of Japanese Poetry” and according to PFAW’s announcement – A haiku is an unrhymed verse/poetry form of Japanese origin having three lines containing usually five, seven and five syllables respectively. Intended to convey a vivid impression poetically in only seventeen syllables, haikus have traditionally focused on nature[…]”

PFAW gave a couple examples of what they are looking for like:

McCain on judges:

“I like all the ones Bush picked.”

We’re in trouble, now.

Driving our nation

Over a bridge to nowhere

Thats McCain-Palin

Contestants have until Midnight of October 12th to make the submission for the writing contest. For submission instructions and contest rules see People for The American Ways – Haiku Contest.

Or you can post your own Haiku in the comments section below and recvive world wide touch before the contest deadline.

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